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Our community is our passion

We take great pride in building a strong team who genuinely cares about the success of our members here in Spring, Texas. Our members mean the world to us and everything we do here at CrossFit OverTake is to make sure each and every one of them makes progress toward their goals.

Meet your coaches at CrossFit OverTake

Ready to meet your team that has your back, regardless of where you set your goals?
Owner/Head Coach (CF-L3)

Matt Kyser

Matt has a strong passion for fitness and people. He understands that lasting change comes from creating authentic relationships to empower individuals to make decisions on their own that lead to healthier, happier, more confident lives.

He has a BS in Exercise Science from Freed Hardeman, and is a Certified CrossFit Trainer (CF-L3).

He has spent 8 years living and teaching the CrossFit methodology, and plans to continue for many years to come.

Coach/Owner (CF-L1)

Alex Kyser

Alex has a degree in business from Sam Houston State, and has been a part of the CrossFit OverTake community since 2013. She’s been a CrossFit coach and competitor for over 10 years, and has been to all stages of competition as both individual and team, most recently being the 2022 NoBull CrossFit Games on Team Density.

Alex holds high standards for both herself and others around her. If you attend one of her classes, better be on your best behavior, or else you’ll hear it from her! Don’t let her size fool you, she probably snatches more than you.

Physical Therapist/Coach (DPT, CF-L1)

Rachel Moore

Rachel received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of North Texas in 2017.

After working for some time as a Clinical Director, she began to realize there was something more she could offer her clients. This sparked the birth of Rachel’s personal practice: Disrupt Physiotherapy.

Rachel has been a CrossFit coach since 2020 and her keen knowledge of getting people out of pain and living their healthiest, happiest lives, makes her a vital asset here at CrossFit OverTake.

Coach (CF-L2)

Amanda Smith

Amanda recently moved to Texas from British Columbia, Canada. She started her CrossFit journey in 2012 after retiring from competitive fastpitch softball. Since then she has obtained her CF-L2 and has been coaching CrossFit since 2018.

Recently Amanda has received her nutrition certification from WAG Nutrition and is looking forward to helping athletes with their day to day nutrition as well as fueling their workouts.”

Coach (CF-OL1)

Matt Lutz

Matt has a BA in Labor Studies and Employment Relations from Penn State University.

After moving to Texas from Philadelphia, Matt became an active member in the OverTake community in 2021. He currently holds his CF-OL1 credential.

Competitive athletics has always been a vital part of Matt’s life. Once a former soccer athlete at PSU, he will push members to become the best version of themselves inside and outside of OverTake.

Coach/Content Creator (CF-OL1)

Lauren Ertl

Lauren is OverTake’s resident Jersey Girl. Growing up heavily involved in sports and a collegiate soccer player, CrossFit felt like a natural transition filled with new challenges and goals to achieve.

After moving to Texas from Philadelphia in 2021 for a job at FLEO, Lauren joined CrossFit OverTake as a member. She then received her CF-OL1 in 2022, and now she helps bring some fun and good vibes to our afternoon classes.

Lauren is also our content creator and gym photographer. So most of the awesome content you see on our website and social media is thanks to her!

Coach (CF-L1)

Brandy Young

Brandy started CrossFit back in 2017 as a way to improve her health and fitness, and fell in love with the daily challenge and community CrossFit had to offer.

Since starting CrossFit, she has gone through quite the transformation herself by losing over 30 pounds through daily lifestyle habits and choices.

Brandy is a High School English teacher in New Caney, so she has always had a passion for helping others achieve their fullest potential, even before CrossFit.

Brandy can be found coaching the 6:30pm classes throughout the week.

Coach (CF-OL1 and CrossFit Kids)

Dana Todd

Dana is a mother of four children with a Masters’ Degree in Elementary education from Louisiana State University.

Children are her passion and nutrition is her vocation. Teaching people how to eat to live is her lifelong goal as co-owner of BusyBody Nutrition.

A devout lover of CrossFit, once her own children became athletes in the world of competitive sports, she realized the need for a CrossFit Kids program to enhance their performance.

She is thrilled to partner with Coach Deanna to implement this program at their home of CF OverTake.

Coach (CF-OL1 and CrossFit Kids)


Deanna has an expansive background working for years in the medical field as a Paramedic and high school soccer and drill team coach.

After having her last of 4 children (twins) at age 35, she found her love for CrossFit as she worked to find a way to get her body back into shape.

Deanna has always loved coaching and kids; as a high school coach she quickly realized how important exercise and weight training was for all children, especially children athletes.

Deanna has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Masters in Education and is excited to partner with coach Dana to bring the kids of CrossFit Overtake an exceptional program.

Coach (CF-L2)

Cheveon Mikulenka

Meet Cheveon, a dedicated member of the OverTake community since June 2023.

Engaging in CrossFit since 2014, she finds joy in the competitive spirit, challenging herself more than others. Holding a CF-L2 and a nutrition certification from Precision Nutrition, Cheveon is well-equipped to guide others on their fitness journey.

Despite being unique in her preference, her favorite CrossFit movement is the snatch, relishing the challenge and precision it demands.

Beyond personal achievements, Cheveon’s true passion lies in coaching, where she thrives on helping others reach goals they once deemed unattainable.

With her commitment to excellence and a focus on detail, Cheveon makes a valuable addition to our coaching staff, bringing a contagious enthusiasm for personal growth and achievement.

Coach (CF-L2)

Blake Sadler

Meet Blake, a CrossFit coach with a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies, majoring in Marketing and Communications.

He started training CrossFit in 2013, drawn by its comprehensive approach to fitness beyond just strength and physique. Though he started coaching in 2015, there was a hiatus before his return in October 2023.

Coming from a gymnastics background, Blake loves blending his gymnastics skills with barbell movements like snatches and cleans in a metcon.

What makes CrossFit special for Blake is the opportunity to continually improve and master the basics. Beyond the physical aspects, he values the methodology and culture of CrossFit, recognizing its positive impact on his life through community.

Blake’s knowledge and being a part of the OverTake community for nearly a decade, brings great value to this coaching staff.

Coach (CF-L1, EMT-B)

Cameron Single

Meet Cameron. He is a CF-L1 coach and is a Firefighter at the Atascocita Fire Department with his Texas DSHS EMT-B certification. Cameron started CrossFit in 2016 and transitioned to coaching in 2017.

After rediscovering fitness post-high school football, Cameron fell in love with CrossFit for its combination of competitive edge as well as health benefits.

A fan of strength training, especially the back squat, Cameron believes in the lifelong benefits of moving weight through a full range of motion.

Coaching is Cameron’s way of sharing the joy of fitness, helping others on their path to health and fitness. Cameron adds a very strong and unique perspective to our coaching staff.

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