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Welcome to CrossFit OverTake

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    CrossFit Journal: The Performance-Based Lifestyle Resource

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    Class Schedule

    5:30 AM - Mon-Fri
    6:30 AM - Mon-Thu
    9:30 AM - Mon-Thur
    4:30 PM - Mon-Fri
    5:30 PM - Mon-Fri
    6:30 PM - Mon-Thur

    We do welcome Drop-Ins that have done CrossFit for a substantial amount of time. Make sure to contact us via phone or email before showing up or use the link below to reserve a spot in a class.

    If you are interested in trying a CrossFit class for the first time, contact us via phone or email to set up an appointment.

    To get started and become a member at CrossFit OverTake you can sign up using the link below. Link can also be used to schedule a Drop-In.

    Click here: CrossFit OverTake Online Sign Up

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    CrossFit OverTake is located on Riley Fuzzel Rd, just East of Hardy Toll Road.

    Check Out the HYLETE gear