CrossFit Moms


CrossFit Moms


Jennifer Hansen

Against the advice of (nonCrossFit) friends and family I decided to continue my CrossFit training during pregnancy. There is a preconceived notion that lifting more than 25lbs during pregnancy is dangerous. My doctor and midwife both agreed a healthy mom= healthy baby and encouraged me to continue my training since I had been CrossFitting for over a year. I tried to maintain my intensity throughout my pregnancy, but your body lets you know when it is time to slow down. Early on modifications included adjusting box jumps to step ups and double unders to singles. I was able to distance run until my 8th month. I actually increased my strict press by 20% during pregnancy.

Unfortunately, I set unrealistic expectations on how quickly I would bounce back and I was frustrated. I tried for 20 minutes at 7 weeks postpartum to get one double under –just one– in my backyard and all I got was piss down to my knees and pissed off both literally and figuratively. Pre-pregnancy I was scaling most workouts to some degree, but now I am scaling almost all movements of every work out and coming in dead last on everything. At first I had a pity party over that, but I have found new drive and motivation. I may never be the fastest, strongest, or even very competitive, but I need to accept my smaller accomplishments each week until I am up to par. When I started CrossFit a year and a half ago I had decent cardio coming off of marathon training but no strength training- the 45 pound bar was heavy. Now my cardio is recovering and I am almost lifting what I was pre pregnancy in a mere 7 weeks postpartum. I was able to start jogging at 2 weeks postpartum and introduced strength training 4 weeks postpartum. I will say the strength and endurance training helped me get through my 23 hours of labor and I truly feel that keeping my training up during pregnancy helped me avoid many symptoms. I never had fatigue (in the 2nd/3rd trimester), depression, gestational diabetes, or swelling and was able to work and work out until the day I went into labor. I was even 1 week and 2 days late! My daughter was a healthy 8lbs 3 oz. I am grateful for the support system and family I have at our gym.


Kelsey Soderstrom

I began crossfit in Ohio in February of 2011.  I absolutely loved the box and community my husband and I were part of, and I was hooked!  After becoming pregnant in September 2012 with our first baby, My husband and I did a lot of research in regards to exercise, intensity, and safety while being pregnant.  There really wasn’t a lot out there, other than a lot of judgement from people with the old-school mentality of “pregnancy is an ailment,” and “you should only exercise at a low to moderate intensity while pregnant.”
When I was 6 months pregnant we moved to Texas, and again, did a lot of research as to what box we would join.  We found CrossFit Overtake’s website, and decided to drop in for a workout.  Everyone at the gym was very friendly and welcoming, and even though we were only there for open gym, Marco went out of his way to coach both of us in the middle of his own workout, and all of the people working out cheered us on as we finished a pretty gnarly metcon.  After that day, it was decided…we were going to be part of THIS community of wonderful people!
As time went on and I got more and more pregnant, Marco, Alex, and all of our friends encouraged me to continue to RX the workouts, to push myself, and to take breaks as I needed.  I was very nervous about gaining a lot of weight during my pregnancy, losing what I had gained over the last year in terms of strength and cardiovascular endurance, and also the possibility of hurting our unborn child.  By joining CrossFit Overtake, I was able to tackle all of my fears!  I only gained a total of 22lbs during my pregnancy, delivered a beautiful, healthy 7 lb, 0.5 oz baby boy, returned to working out two weeks post-delivery, lost all of my baby weight within 4 weeks, and hit and/or set new PRs in all of my lifts four months post-delivery.
Without CrossFit Overtake, the coaches, and the amazing friends I’ve made here, I know many of these things would not be possible….so for all of these things, I say “thank you.”