What  is Greatness? Greatness is nothing more that doing a lot of small things well and CrossFit OverTake is the epitome of Greatness. A gyms values can be known from the moment you walk through the doors and soon as you enter this box you know that the community along with the amazing staff are strongly and unshakably committed to achieving personal excellence and communal excellence. The day I walked in and meet Marco I knew this was the place that would take me to the next level and beyond and I have yet to regret the decision I made to join the OverTake family. The guidance given by the coaches is unmatchable and highly valuable to everyone’s success that is a part of the OverTake family. No matter what your personal goals are or what your reasons are for starting CrossFit these Coaches will get you to that goal through hours of constant critiquing and strong attention to details. Many people will overlook these seemingly nonessential aspects and conclude that they do not connect with the final results; However Marco, Alexis, and Blake realize and know that to achieve success every miniscule detail must be performed correctly and efficiently to achieve your ultimate goal.

Knowledge and programming are the 2 key aspects that separate CrossFit OverTake from every other box. The key ingredient that moves everyone down the road to PR(personal record) success is the superior programming that is the product of Marco’s worst nightmares. Although we are not able to find the purpose in the grueling and fatiguing work cycles as we struggle through them the end results of better technique and more strength makes it worth every second. I have been through many different philosophies but I have never experienced the gains and knowledge as I have obtained since I have started at CrossFit OverTake. Being a member here I feel like anything is possible with a great community, exceptional coaching, and high-caliber programming there are no limits to what one person can achieve if they commit themselves and allow Marco to lead them to greatness.

As if being molded into a great athlete wasn’t enough CrossFit OverTake has the best community I have ever seen. No matter how long a person has been at OverTake or what a person’s level of fitness may be this community is extremely inviting and supportive. Although the workouts are strenuous and brutal having an outstanding community helps to lighten the load.

I thank every Coach at CrossFit OverTake for their commitment and their excessive drive to make every member including myself the best Athlete we can possibly be. I thank Marco for his great vision of Greatness and for sharing his wealth of knowledge and expertise with the community. I can truly say in every aspect of CrossFit this box has made me better starting with Strength, Conditioning, Technique, and Form. Without CrossFit OverTake I would not be at the level I am at today and would not be able to dream of where I will be months from now. No matter where I go there is no place like CrossFit OverTake and no matter whom I talk to I always recommend that they become a member of CrossFit OverTake.


Eric Winter

My name is Eric Winter and I have been crossfitting for over 2 years, with 9 months at crossfit overtake. Crossfit has been a very positive
life-changing experience for me, as it has been for many others. I have been to over 10 different affiliates in 7 different cities and
crossfit overtake is the best I have been to, without question. I would recommend it to people of all fitness levels, whether your goal
is to shred fat, win the crossfit games, or you share my goal of looking awesome naked.

Anyone can look at the crossfit games website and see that overtake has some of the best athletes in the southwest, which speaks to the
quality of the workout programming to build strength and endurance.

However, what really sets this affiliate apart from the rest is not only the knowledge of the coaches, but the fact that the coaches enjoy
coaching and care so much about their members. The coaches, and even other members, are always paying attention and giving tips to help
members perfect form and reach their fitness goals without getting injured. At almost all of the other affiliates I’ve been to,
irresponsible coaches weren’t even paying attention while their members were using horrible form to the point of risking injury. This
would never fly at crossfit overtake.

After being coached for 9 months at crossfit overtake, every single affiliate I have been to since has complimented me on my
olympic-lifting form, asked me how many certifications I have (I have none), or even asked me to be a coach.

Last, of all the affiliates I have been to, overtake has by far the best environment. It is home to many GREAT people that are ninjas,
jedi masters, and exercise wizards that are serious about getting in shape and supporting each other; both inside and outside of the gym.
It truly is like a family. Having to leave this affiliate and the close friends that I made there was one of the hardest parts about
moving away from the Houston area.

I recommend anyone who likes puppies (everyone) to become a member at crossfit overtake.


Seth Gillen.

My life is better because of CrossFit Overtake. Yes, I have more endurance and I am stronger than I have ever been in my life, but my life is better because of the amazing coaches and people that I get to work out with daily. Marco and Alex have created an environment where I feel challenged to give the best effort I can give to each workout, with the reward of lifting more or doing more every day. Marco and the members of CrossFit Overtake have created a fun, family-like atmosphere. There are group gatherings outside the gym, the coaches and the members support each other by attending competitions even when not competing, and people come to the gym early and stay late (and show up on Saturdays). The members push and encourage each other, and are very welcoming.

I appreciate many things about Marco and Alex, just a few of those things being: that they see everything; that they provide instruction before, during, and after lifts; that they encourage us to keep pushing during the workout-of-the-day (“WOD”); and that they truly care for their members (most especially by ensuring that we use proper form and technique). I appreciate that Marco explains how each exercise fits into the big picture goal of each training cycle, and that he makes us set goals and then meet and surpass those goals.

I appreciate CrossFit Overtake because the workout is not solely a number for the weight that I used or the time that it took me to complete a WOD, but because it is a daily challenge where I can push and try to improve myself, and it is just as mentally challenging as it is physically demanding. Another great thing about CrossFit Overtake is variety—there are certain foundational movements that we perform, but Marco keeps the boring and mundane at bay by providing a new surprise almost every day. I am currently 38 years old and have worked out since high school, but I am in the best shape of my life and I can perform lifts and movements that I could not perform before I joined CrossFit Overtake, and I am thankful that I found such a great gym and community of athletes.



Weight had always been a struggle for me since I was young and I had tried so many ways to diet and exercise. Finally at my heaviest I started working out with Marco and it was then I made the decision to overtake those issues and get healthy. Marco’s CrossFit exercises, nutritional guidance, and total commitment to my success has been the foundation for me to keep my new way of life. Now, 6 months later at 19 I’ve lost over 50 pounds and down 5 dress sizes, but I’ve  gained nutritional health and well being, mental and physical strength and the will to continue having CrossFit Overtake be apart of my daily routine. It’s no longer a choice, just a way of life.



I never had a weight issue, I fluctuated between sizes 6&8. But just because you are thin on the outside does not mean you are healthy on the inside. At 45 my doctor told me I had high cholesterol, and I either had to start taking medicine or start to exercise. So it was then my daughter and I started our journey with Marco. Now 6 months later my cholesterol is back to normal, my nutritional and mental health is at it’s best. And at 46 I am achieving things I never dreamed possible. Marco’s high standards and commitment to excellence has propelled me into a new way of living. CrossFit has become a way of life for me. Not only have I lost weight and I am a size 4 but I have toned and shaped my body into a younger looking me!  Marco is my botox!