CrossFit OverTake has several options to fit your lifestyle –
First session is FREE!

  • 3x a week – Contact Us for Monthly Rate
  • Unlimited – Contact Us for Monthly Rate

Drop-In Rate is $20 or you can buy a T-shirt
**Discounted rates for Active Military, Firefighters, and Police

To get started and become a member at CrossFit OverTake you can sign up using this link crossfitovertake.wodify.com , contact us before signing up and let us know if you have questions.

All of our memberships are month to month, only requirement is 10 days notice before the first of the following month for any membership changes including: rates, adjustments, and cancellations.

Elements class –$150
The elements course is 5 sessions lasting about an hour each done one on one or in a small group with a CrossFit Coach. This course takes athletes through the core movements of CrossFit and other traditional workout movements giving the athlete the knowledge and skills to successfully complete CrossFit classes. 

We here at CrossFit Overtake put an emphasis on doing all the movements the correct, safe, and most effective way possible. So, come ready to learn a lot and begin the lifestyle change your body has been begging for.

All new members must complete the elements course before moving into CrossFit classes with the exception of any athlete that can show full knowledge of the basic required movements(will be decided by a CrossFit Coach).  The course will be one on one or in small groups and will be scheduled based on the coaches and new athlete’s available time.  All appointments must be upheld by the members, 24 Hours notice is required for any changes, Any late cancellations or  failure to show up will result in loss of a session. You will not receive a refund. Schedule your first 1st session today!

Have you been doing CrossFit somewhere else? If you can show an understanding and ability to do CrossFit then an athlete may bypass taking the Elements Course .

*Regular Class Schedule *

5:30 AM – Mon- Fri
8:30 AM – Saturday – ONLY
9:30 AM – Mon-Wed & Fri, Sat(Open gym)
4:30 PM – Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri
5:30 PM – Mon- Fri
6:30 PM – Mon- Fri – OPEN Gym

* Weightlifting Class *
5:30 PM on Mon & Wed.

* CrossFit Kids*
11:00 – 11: 30 AM – Mon and Fri (3-5 year olds)
4:00 -5:00 PM – Thursday (6-12 year olds)

* Open Gym *
Mon-Wed & Fri from 11 AM – 1 PM
Saturday @9:30 AM

Class Description

Level 1 – Classes are for those who need to develop the fundamentals and a strong foundation. This class is by no means easy or diminished from the Level 2 classes. The Level 1 classes give us a different approach to General Physical Preparedness(GPP).

– Level 2 – Classes are for anyone, but you first must have a solid foundation for all movements and be able to demonstrate such. This program requires a certain baseline for Strength, Skill, and Endurance.

– Level 3 – Classes are the final step in our program, designed for the most advanced/experienced members in the gym. You must be very well rounded to qualify for this program.

*To qualify for Class Level 2&3 you must go through our Designed testing program. This testing will be done between Workout Cycles in the gym, giving everyone plenty of time and opportunity to adjust and modify training if they wish to advance further. The Class Levels are designed to place our members in the Program that will give them the best workout possible and allow them to keep improving, while also giving them more to work towards if desired.

**All of These classes are fast paced and ran on a very tight schedule.

– Extra Extra Program – Designed to compliment our Daily Training in classes with a combination of Auxiliary/Accessory, Increased Volume and Specific Training based on seasonal Goals. One must be an unlimited Member and be approved to participate in the program by Coach Marco.

– Games Training – Designed specifically as extra work for those who wish to compete in CrossFit as a Sport not just for fitness. One must show full understanding of all skills required and be approved to participate in the program by Coach Marco.

– Weightlifting Class – Specifically designed for those looking to advance their capabilities on the platform and develop a better understanding of the Movements(Snatch & Clean and Jerk). Will also include specific programming and weekly video breakdowns of every individuals movement, and we encourage everyone to learn more about the sport of Weightlifting itself.

– Gymnastics Class – Will be a progression oriented class based on the gymnastics movements performed in CrossFit.  This will include a circuit system where the gymnastic elements will be broken down into parts so that they can ultimately be performed at an optimal level. The coaching structure will also have a hands on spotting approach as it is necessary for body awareness and correction, along with learning proper spotting technique.


We do welcome Drop-Ins that have done CrossFit for a substantial amount of time. Make sure to contact us via phone or email before showing up.
* If you are interested in trying a CrossFit class for the first time, contact us via phone or email to set up an appointment. Do NOT just show up and expect to jump into a class.


Other Services
CrossFit OverTake offers more than just CrossFit classes. We also offer the following:

  • Personal Training, 1 on 1 or Group Training – A specialty service for anybody with specific goals they want to achieve.
  • Sport Specific and Position Specific Training – With Collegiate and Professional level experience in sport, we at CrossFit OverTake offer in depth knowledge and training about what exactly it takes to excel at sports.
  • Nutritional Counseling and Advice, from breaking down what is in food to cleaning out pantries.

*Prices are subject to change. Promotional rates are for a limited time only.

*Saturday class is subject to change.